Working near, on, under water

Learning objectives

1. To provide a level of knowledge of procedures and precautions necessary to allow staff to work safely at incidents on or near to:

2. The learner can carry out hazard assessment at their workplace

3. At the end of this session the learner will be able to:

Explain the actions to be carried out when attending rescue incidents 

Explain the post operational considerations at a Water incident.

Use and wear PPE correctly


Who should attend?

  • Safety management level 

  • Safety Supervisor level

  • Workers


  • 8 hours

Training materials

  • Power Point Presentations

  • Flash Player

  • 3D Animations

  • Feature Films

Outline Programme

1. Hazard Assessment

  • Management Responsibility in Working near, on and under water

  • Risk Assessments, JSA’s, PPE etc.

  • General Marine Operational Requirements

  • Discussion of work to be perform

  • Review of required PPE

  • Review of emergency procedures and contact numbers

  • Reminder that employees with together at least in two man teams in case emergency

2. Working near, on and under water Awareness

  • Definition of working near, on and under water

  • Safety and Health Considerations when to work near, on and under water

  • Guarding of Deck Openings and Edges

  • Lighting

  • Working Surfaces  

  • Housekeeping

3. Hazards involved

  • Drowning

  • Hypothermia – dangerously low temperature

  • Falling

  • Tripping

  • Slippery Surfaces

  • Environmental / Pollution

  • Slippery conditions following /during rainfall, Heat exhaustion/collapse

  • Windy conditions, misty conditions, etc

4. PPE - life jacket – life buoy

  • How to wear PPE correctly when to work near, on and under water

5. Machinery and Equipment Hazards

6. Emergency Response

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