Learning objectives

A more holistic & comprehensive approach to driver / fleet safety

Identifies high risk drivers

Identifies priority in-vehicle driver training candidates

Less downtime than traditional in-vehicles alternatives

More cost effective than in-vehicle services


Who should attend?

Any organization operating a fleet of vehicles

Any organization that employs people who drive for work purposes

Fleet managers

HR & facilities managers

Training managers

Logistics managers

Frequency of refresh training

Licences are valid for 12 months

Training period

Two days training (16 hours)

Benefits from completion of the training course

Persons who pass examination after participating in course of training will be granted certificate of training as prescribed OPITO Standard

Outline Programme


• Registration and course introduction 

• Safety induction

• Introduction of international and local road accident statistics 

• What is defensive driving? 

• Ten rules of safe driving 

• Drivers’ Responsibilities & Attitude of drivers 

• Periodic checks and pre- driving checks  

• How to adjust interior mirror and exterior mirrors in good positions 

• Blind spots of vehicles

• Checking vehicles

• Moving off safely and drive to a system for MT/AT cars 

• Identify hazards and how to control 

• Avoid distractions 

• Following distances and stop distances 

• Emergency respond procedure  

• Overtaking and Reversing park • Vision, speeds and its effects 

• Braking techniques for MT/AT cars 

• Stop and park

• Skidding control 

• Different driving conditions (Driving at night, in Fog…) 

• Seatbelts, Airbags, Head restraints and Loose objects 

• Drugs and Alcohol 

• Driver fatigue and how to control 

• Journey Management 

• Actions to take in an accident situation 

• Examination and sharing knowledge  


• Explain the exercises to all participants 

• Participants practice by their own cars. 

• Continue practical 

• Basic first aid  

• Car fire prevention and firefighting methods. 

• Sharing knowledge Q&A and course evaluation

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